Cinco Pub Crawl!

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Nothing says Cinco in Chicago like a Division Stree pub crawl!

Get on board!

Tickets Here

What a fun day…we started out so happy and clean!

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What a fun day…we started out so happy and clean!


St. Pat’s is coming…. rent your booth!

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St. Patrick’s Day sign-up for the Donovan Booth and the Window seat is going fast. For those that don’t know, on St. Pat’s we will take down all the stools and tables except those, which are rented out in advance in 2 or 3-hour blocks. These are basically the only seats available in the place all day and night.

We’ve already sold a few slots, but we have a lot more space. The list of what’s available and prices are below.

NOTE: This is just for seats at the booths themselves, NOT any sort of drink package. Interested parties must pay in advance, and the time slot will not be guaranteed to them until we collect their payment. Proceeds goes to Mercy Home for Boys and Girls and includes cover for 6 people at the door.

Here’s what we have available:

DONOVAN BOOTH (Main room, by the jukebox)

8 AM – 10 AM – $250 TAKEN
10 AM – 1 PM – $400 TAKEN               
1 PM – 4 PM $400 TAKEN
4 PM – 7 PM – $400 TAKEN
7 PM – 10 PM $400 TAKEN
10 PM – 1 AM – $400
1 AM – CLOSE – $250                          

WINDOW BOOTH (Side room by the front window)

8 AM – 10 AM $250 TAKEN
10 AM – 1 PM – $400 TAKEN
1 PM – 4 PM $400  TAKEN  
 4 PM – 7 PM – $400  TAKEN  
7 PM – 10 PM $400 TAKEN
10 PM – 1 AM – $400  
1 AM – CLOSE – $250

construction set to begin on Butch McGuire’s lunar location….

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just kidding!

But we will be redoing our floors and closed to the public February 4th, 5th and 6th.

We will reopen on February 7th at 3pm.


What’s With The Decorations?

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In the late 1960’s, Butch McGuire purchased all the old window decorations from Goldblatt’s department store.

At first, the employees used a great combination of intoxicated-creative minds and ladders (not always the best combination) to decorate the bar. The real magic and tradition began when a group of Chicago Firefighters volunteered their time and creativity. It was their idea to hang the decorations from the ceiling in order to conserve space around the bar.

Eventually, after 30 years, the artificial garland began to deteriorate and the 10lbs/foot of decoration were no longer easy to hang. A few of Butch’s friends suggested lights and a train and everything began to take shape.

Butch was instrumental in starting “Santa Claus Anonymous” to ensure kids had warm clothing and holiday cheer. While Santa Claus Anonymous is no longer around, Bobby, Butch’s son, continues to focus his efforts on the Chicago Mercy Home for Boys and Girls to help kids in need. Every train you see running above your head at Butch McGuire’s today is sponsored with generous donations to Mercy Home.

So far this year, we have already raised over $18,000 from train sponsors alone! Thank you to all our generous friends & customers for helping us continue to give back!

9th Annual Toiletry Drive
The month of December we will be collecting toiletries for the kids at Mercy Home. They need everything from toothpaste and deodorant to barrettes and body spray (basically, everything a teenager needs to feel like they can succeed daily). Every day, there are hundreds of kids who get ready for school at Mercy Home and they can use some help tackling the day.

Take the Butch McGuire’s Holiday Spirit home with you. Ornaments are only $12 each (2 for $20), and all proceeds benefit the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls.

That’s a lot of giving back, and that’s what the season is all about!


The Holidays are coming!

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Share the spirit of Christmas.

Help us collect toiletries for some of Chicago’s kids in need!

Eddie Carr

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The McGuire family, staff and friends are morning the loss of longtime friend and our Artist in Residence, Edward J Carr.
     Eddie has been a loved and respected member of the McGuire Family for the past 40 years. He was hired by Butch after he came out of the Navy back in 1978. Eddie wore many hats over the years, Doorman, Bartender, General Manager, Friend, but he is best known for his work as our Artist in Residence. Eddie was responsible for all of the wonderful decorations that have come to signify Butch McGuire’s. All of our Christmas, St. Pat’s, and Music Room decorations were made by hand, in house. The hands that made them where Eddies. I am saddened by the loss of my friend and I will miss him very much. I find as I write this that I am also filled with a tremendous amount of gratitude for the time I had with him.
Thank You for all your prayers and support.
Bobby McGuire

80’s Brunch!

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Ratt up your hair, roll up your jeans and solve that Rubix cube… it’s Saturday and it’s time for Butch McGuires latest sensation, the 80’s Brunch!

Enjoy some throwback specials, set to the tune of your favorite 80s jams of every genre. Including:

Amaretto Sour $6
The Brooke Shields $6
The Woo-woo $6
Allagash Drafts $5.50
Jack Fire shots $5.50
pizza til 1am…open til 5am

So c’mon feel the noise, 80’s rocks at Butch McGuires 80’s Brunch!

Moms & McGuire’s

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Your mother…

She’s the reason you are alive! Mom is such a special person to all of us, especially to Butch McGuire’s! We are a family owned and operated business after all! That’s why we are pulling out all the stops, and helping you create one piece of a special Mother’s Day experience, the most important part… Mother’s Day BRUNCH!

Come and enjoy some quality with your momma at a place you both love! We have some enticing incentives for ya:

Let’s start with the big one – 30% OFF YOUR ENTIRE BILL!
That’s correct. You heard us right. Order that extra mimosa for Ma… we got you.

Also on the menu, Frittata of the day – with a side salad $12
Our world famous Eggs Benedict with spinach and tomato & roasted red pepper hollandaise sauce $13
Some delicious Banana Walnut French Toast $12
Finish it off with some Vanilla Ice Cream with fried tortilla strips dusted with sugar and cinnamon $6

Division Street Farmers Market Opens May 12 – Bloody Mary Shortage Imminent

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Time to take part in that annual Chicago tradition of getting the BEST produce, flowers, honey, and whatnots at your local Farmers Market. The Division Street Farmers Market is 2 blocks long and happens to be the best in the city. Number one reason why? Because it happens on the doorstep of the best bloody mary makers in Chicago…. We’re not saying who that is… but… you know.

Starting, May 12th in conjunction with the outdoor market Butch McGuire’s will be opening doors at 8am on Saturdays.

Go grab yourself a fresh cucumber and pop it right into your bloody mary!


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